Bulles de rebellion

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Remember your early childhood when you learned to read through the books. A beautiful story that ends well recorded and the book next to have the text and images that went with it. Ah the frenzy of turning the page when you heard the bell. Here is the same principle but the beautiful story is replaced by a beautiful musical compilation (most songs end well ...) each title is illustrated in comics. The whole being entirely bilingual French / English.

Songs by :  Attentat Sonore, Dernière Sommation, Oi Polloi, Varlin, Swine Punch,Ludwig,DésertCulturel,Gadafistes Brothers,Pekatralatk,La Société elle a Mauvaise Haleine,Foetus Party

The authors :  El Doggo, Laurent-Ex-Laurent, Laul, Ludi Kacy, BKaos, Tom, Monster Manu

 12 titles, 52 pages, 1 book + 1 CD = 12,00 €